Product Description
Rainy days just got better
Automatic self-emptying rain cup
Measures and then eliminates collected rainfall
Wireless transmission range up to 100m for rain gauge—30m for thermometer
Displays daily, 9 day historical, and total rainfall records
Rainfall amounts are shown as inches or millimeters
High daily rainfall alarm
Displays indoor and outdoor temperature
Stay back and record the weather
Our favorite rain gauge just got better too. The expanded features include 9-day memory and indoor/outdoor temperature. Sit back and enjoy the rain and check weekly to find out if your garden needs additional watering

Monitor the weather wherever you want
With the wireless rain gauge and thermo sensor, you could monitor the rainfall level and temperature wherever* you want. The main unit is also act as an indoor thermometer. All indoor and outdoor readings will be recorded automatically for your analysis.
*Up to 100m for rain gauge and 30m for thermometer

Beware! It’s raining outside.
The rain gauge is equipped with rainfall alarm system. Once you set alert value, the main unit will not stop flashing and emit reminder beep in every minute. You always be notified about the weather situation without keep your eyes on the screen.